Cosmetics, like food, are "nutritious foods" that make individuals seem beautiful. People are increasingly turning to plant-based diets to maintain their health as civilization advances. Vegan cosmetics have become a popular trend among many people who live a green lifestyle because of this philosophy. That is why Cocoon is continually researching and launching 100 percent vegan beauty products that retain all of the nutrients of Vietnamese plants, are safe and benign, and do not contain substances derived from animals or plants. Animal testing should be avoided at all costs.

The logo depicts a calm but lovely country girl wearing a "Vietnamese conical hat" with brown and yellow tones of the terrain in the mountains and plains, evoking the beauty of Vietnamese ladies. The word "cocoon" is specifically designed to increase the strength of the brand's distinctive identification in the typography section of the logo. For describing product shapes, Visual Identity employs "monoline" drawings. Pictograms representing the beauty of Vietnamese ladies such as eyes, lips, and conical hats... and the droplet and leaf representing Self-pure and friendly product are used in the Visual Identity. In the text's title, two contrasting types, "sans serif - type" and "script - type" are blended to convey the same message of "softness but full of vitality."