HaiDuc Group (HDG) is a collection of companies. A large part of which was found by Mr. Son Phan - chairman, in the early 90s. The current companies are a bit more technologically attuned and much larger in scale but it was all due to the foundation of hard-work and integrity that are their company culture.

Since assuming CEO's responsibilities in 2011, HDG has emphasized on creating an environment full of creativity, independence and passion; which has helped it to attract the best talents in every industry we have entered and become so profitable over the years.

All the companies in our group are operating well today, but HDG thinks there is always room to grow as long as it focus on the extraordinary opportunities its robust economy is creating in Vietnam. HDG will always strive to do more of important and meaningful things with the resources it has.​​​​​​​

HD Bearings
Is an organization that focuses on the delivery and storage of belts, industrial lubricants, and bearings.

HD Properties
Leasing factories, construction sites, warehouses, as well as homes and villas in Vietnam.

HD Beverages
Specializes in offering pure water bottles with distinctive labels made specifically for each client.

The design goal is to unite Hai Duc's three distinct business areas, resulting in a robust ecosystem.

The method is to create a set of seamless, closed textures using three logo identification signals (Bearings, Properties, and Beverages). The "typesetting" part employs "transitional typography system" to meet the message "Moving Forward Together​​​​​​​" dissemination.