Kalei Films is a content development firm that specializes in film, television scripts, and branded content... Future-oriented people will take part in the creation of the content they create.
Beauty is a guarantee. Kalei creates entertainment solutions for partners and viewers in addition to making movies and products. However, each of these films, works has the potential to bring delight and pride to individuals engaged in their creation. Directing the audience's attention to the importance of engaging in meaningful, aesthetically pleasing information that elicits emotions expands the heart after the experience. Each production also provides a chance for the filmmakers to grow as professionals and better their personal quality of life.
The name Kalei comes from the word kaleidoscope, and it was from that concept that I created an identification image, orientated photography with the effect of light refraction and color mixing, similar to that of a kaleidoscope. Kalei works mostly in the digital and multimedia realms. As a result, printed publications are simplified, with only the following items required: business cards, letterhead, folders, and pin badges.
Kalei has recently worked on the scripts for a number of films that have a strong following in Vietnam, including "Goodbye Mother."