Phê-La was founded with the goal of promoting the messages and values of tea/coffee by developing new handcrafted tea/coffee-making processes to commemorate Vietnamese specialty tea/coffee. This is Phê-la's distinction. As a result, the completed tea/coffee-cups are very excellent and have a distinct flavor.

The term "Phê-la" is a combination of the Vietnamese words "phê pha" and "la cà," which mean "get high" and "roamed," respectively, and conveys a mood of freedom, ease, and happiness. Every day is an inspiration.To represent comfort, patterns inspired by "tea/coffee stain" and "sound visualizer" were used in a visual language that used the illusion of black dots (halftone). Music, rich drinks, and the aroma of tea leaves and coffee beans pervaded the atmosphere, waking people up and alerting them. 

Musical notes dance on invisible lines in the "logotype" section. At the same time, the letter P is stylised to look like a coffee bean in the upper portion, a tea leaf in the lower part, and a melodious and high-pitched note in the overall symbolism.